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Trading Post

of Davidson Wildlife Services

We invite you to call us to make an appointment to visit our shop in Gunnison or call us to place an order:  (970) 349-1899

Please see our selection of products below.

Our inventory is constantly changing so please ask if you have a desire for something not listed.

Tanned Pelts







with Feet & Tail

Left:  belly

Right:  back


Feet & Tail

Feet, no Tail

Tail, no Feet


No Feet or Tail

Pine Marten

Feet & Tail


Feet & Tail

Tail, no Feet

Red Fox

Feet & Tail

Tail, no Feet


Feet & Tail

Tail, no Feet

Fur Hats

Can be custom made from critters captured on your property or from our current stock of pelts or already made hats.

Your choice.

Beaver Hat

Traditional Style

Regular Leather Brim

Beaver Hat

Traditional Style

Beaver Tail Brim

Raccoon Hat

Traditional Style

With Tail  

Skunk Hat

Traditional Style

Made with 3 skunk pelts with tail

Bobcat Hat

Cape Style

Gloves & Mittens

Beaver Mittens

Elk Hide Gloves

No other gloves stand up to barbed wire and other prickly uses as well

Unlined (add $10 for Lined)

Medium = $25

Large = $30

Extra Large - $35

Tanned Beaver Tail Products

Beaver Tail Wallet


Beaver Tail Checkbook Cover


Beaver Tail Key Fob


Tanned Beaver Tail


Canvas Products

Arrow Quiver

(multiple other uses)

 __ x __ x __

Round flat bottom

Heavy stitching for sturdiness 


Supplies Bag

__ x __ x __


will bunch at top to tie with leather, etc.


Davidson Publishing Publications

Life as a Mountain Man's Wife

by Fae-th Davidson 


The Canine Resources Department

  by Fae-th Davidson 


Ranch Life

by Phoebe Cranor


More Ranch Life

by Phoebe Cranor