September 1, 2021 -

We have decided to take Davidson Wildlife Services LLC off of the market.

The following information is being left here just in case it is needed at some future time.

Sale of 

Davidson Wildife Services LLC

Extraordinary Business Opportunity

to purchase the Assets of a

Profitable & Thriving

Wildlife Management Service in the Rocky Mountain West located in the gorgeous Crested Butte/Gunnison area of Colorado.

We've been in business here for 27 years and counting.

We know it well, are well known in it

and are

ready to introduce it all to you as the area's primary Wildlife Control Operator.

We offer:

      ⇒ well recognized year 'round need for our services – including WINTER

    stellar professional and integrity reputation

    outstanding growth potential

   well established clientele

   ability to show you how you can carry on these business practices as the new most professional and primary Wildlife Control Operator in the area

       ability to train you in any of the areas of the business with which you are not yet knowledgeable  

You do not need to be experienced in this type of work!

We can teach you that.

But you do need a desire to do the work and the stamina to hit the ground running with an 

immediate and significant amount of income-producing work just waiting for you.

We've been doing some things to inform and prepare our customers via emails and personal conversations that we will be selling our business. 

They have appreciated our honesty in telling them and have been extremely understanding.

At the same time they're hoping that our services will continue through the new owner. 

They constantly tell us,

"We need this service here!"

Are you that new service provider they're hoping for???

If you are, you will not have to build it from scratch like we did.  You can be relieved of the trial and error of that process that we've already overcome.

Is this YOUR new service area???

                                                      Spring & Summer Season                                               Fall Season                                                            Winter Season

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See below for more information about the services and sale of

Davidson Wildlife Services LLC

Intangible/Goodwill Assets Offered for Sale

Customer Lists

Monthly Service Contracts List

Other Contracts List

Supplier List

Introductions to:


    Area Law Enforcement Contacts

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife office in Gunnison

    Municipality Officials

    Media Contacts

    Supplier Contacts – both local and elsewhere

Customer & Area Information

Employee Policy Manual

Knowledge of and Training in:

    Service Techniques

    Equipment Use

    Service Area & Personality

    Office & Bookkeeping

    Public Relations

    Valuable resources for continued training & professional affiliation

Sale Price

Davidson Wildlife Services continues to grow!

We have anywhere from 75-100 active contracts in hand at any given time – even in the WINTER.


The value continues to rise - we keep growing every month!

Look at the variety of services we offer to more accurately appreciate the scope of Davidson Wildlife Services...with more services and marketing expansion on the horizon.   

Critter Issues We Handle

Badger                        Fox                              Porcupine

Bat                               Marmot                      Prairie Dog

Beaver                        Mole                            Raccoon

Bobcat                        Mouse                        Skunk

Chipmunk                  Muskrat                     Snake

Coyote                       Packrat                       Squirrels - various kinds (grey, ground)

Feral Cat                    Pine Marten               Vole

Birds – various kinds (crows, hawks, owls, swallows, woodpeckers, etc.)

Other animals – as new needs arise

Tangible Assets




Items for Resale

Outstanding Growth Potential

There is much the Purchaser of this business can do to expand the scope of its services.  We will present the Purchaser with information regarding future growth possibilities  – including our various ideas for potential expansion for the business based on our many years of experience here:

    Service Offerings Expansion

    Service Area Expansion

    Marketing Expansion



Established in 1994

Excellent reputation for:



    reasonable fees

    professional service

    professional knowledge

Excellent Word of Mouth referrals

High demand for our services

Healthy Customer Base

    Well established clientele

    Resort Second Homeowners

    Long-time Full-time Residents

    Property Managers

    Customer prompt payment

    Gratitude for services

    Complimentary of us

     Complimentary of our work


(what about Winter???)

Our busiest season is from April until October each year but this business has become an all year service.  Primarily because of the variety and quantity of innovative

Monthly Service Contracts

we offer and the tendency of some animals to still be active in winter, we have overcome the major seasonality concerns so that winter is now a significantly productive business season in addition to the demand for our services during the rest of the year.



These towns plus their various surrounding areas:

    Crested Butte

    Mt. Crested Butte




    Ohio City


    Taylor Park

     Ohio Creek Road

To express interest please click on this special email which is set up to receive inquiries about this sale: