We have a limited supply left of all of the items below.

These items will most likely not be re-stocked.

All items are plus applicable Sales Tax & Shipping costs.


         Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods by Larry (Slim) Pedersen = $20.00      

         Fur Handling 2000 by Hal Sullivan = $10.00

         I Want To be A Trapper by Keith Winkler (coloring book) = $3.00

         Mink Trapping Methods by Russ Carman = $3.00
         Open Water Beaver Trapping by Fred A. Lawrence = $10.00

         Tales of the Furtakers by Tom Eberhard (of Gunnison, Colorado) = $5.00

         Tan Your Hide by Phyllis Hobson = $12.00

         Tanning Skins and Furs by James Churchill (hardback) = $18.00

         Traplines West by Don Hoyt, Sr. = $5.00
         Wilderness Adventures by Raymond Thompson = $6.00

         Winter Fox Trapping Methods In Snow by Russ Carman = $6.50

 Mountain Man Rendezvous Clothing Patterns – all patterns = $10.00 each

         Boy's Drop Sleeve Shirt

         Boy's Frontier Leather Pants

         Buckskin Pants

         Child's Blanket Capote

         Early Frontiersman's Leather Pants

         Early Frontiersman's Shirt

         Free Trapper Hat Frontiersman's Leather Accessories (Strike-A-Lite Pouch, Pipe Bag, Belt Pouch, Possible Bag, Gage d'Mor, Small Pouch) 

         Girl's Cloth Indian Dress

         Girl's Leather Indian Dress

         Plains Indian Buckskin Dress

         Plains Indian Hi-Top Moccasin

         Woman's Chemise

         Woman's Cloth Accessories (Pocket, Mob Cap, Bonnet, Kerchief, Shawl)    

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