Payment Options

Check and Cash Payments

We welcome check and cash payments.

Many of our customers use Online BillPay services through their banks.

Credit Card or Debit Card Payment Option Available

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa  

For your convenience we offer the option for you to authorize us to automatically charge deposits (when requested) and final invoice amounts to your Credit Card or Debit Card. 

We will need an email from you authorizing these charges in writing.

Here's the information we'll need by phone (for better security than email):

     Credit Card Number

     Expiration Date

     Security Code (3 digits on the back except American Express which has 4 digits on the front)

     Name as it reads on the card

     Address with which the card is associated

Monthly Service Customers

Many of our customers pre-pay by check several months in advance to save on postage. 

All are welcome to do that and we keep very good track of that in our bookkeeping system.

Pre-payment by Check or pre-authorization to charge to your Credit Card or Debit Card will result in a PAID stamp on the invoice you will continue to receive by email each month.

Many of our Monthly Service Customers pre-arrange for their Online BillPay services to automatically issue a check on a monthly basis.

IMPORTANT:  Your Monthly Service Contract has a place in red letters near the bottom of it where you will need to indicate your PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT.  Please remember to mark that with your preference.

For those currently paying by Check but want to convert to another Form of Payment

Give us a phone call with the above information if you would like to convert to a Credit Card, Debit Card or E-check payment option.