Monthly Service Contracts

Non-Chemical Solutions to Critter Problems

The products we use are Non-Chemical and environmentally safe for humans, pets and wildlife.

Some have a pleasing aroma but that goes away within the hour after it is put down.

Some are sprays and some are time released granules – depending on the critter being addressed and the situation on your property.

We do not use poisons for any animal control work that we do.


Some of our products are for year round application and some of them are offered seasonally

due to either weather circumstances or animal migration and hibernation.

Keeping the Constant Monthly Barrier Up

Our experimentation has proven that missing only one month of application of any of the following repellents will let down the barrier that is so effective when kept constantly active.  In order to provide applications calling for Year Round Service in the winter months, our personnel use snowshoes when the snow is too deep.

Enthusiastic Customer Satisfaction

Many of our customers for these monthly services pay us several months in advance to be credited to their account each month.

We even have customers who have chosen to annually send their check in January for the entire year! 

We believe such repeated pre-payment speaks volumes about Customer Satisfaction.

Although we cannot guarantee that porcupines and small rodents will not crawl over it, our effectiveness success rate is enthusiastically positive. 

We have so many customers who are so thoroughly satisfied with these services that we do not wish to have anyone receiving them who is not convinced of their value.

It is our pleasure to offer these services about which our customers are so consistently and enthusiastically positive.  


Repellent Application

Year Round Service
We spray around the exterior perimeter base of your home or whatever other structure you desire.  If snow is on the ground, we spray just above that.  

This repellent works so well that, after it is first put down, any mice already inside will not want to leave.  So they will need to be trapped or otherwise eliminated.  After that you should see a dramatic difference in mouse activity inside.  However some folks have noticed an IMMEDIATE elimination of mouse activity inside their homes.

Porcupine Repellent Application

Year Round Service
When porcupines chew the bark around any of your pine trees, that tree is going to die from that point up.  And that chewing all the way around can happen in only one night.   

We spray the lower 6 feet of each tree – the trunk and limbs.  The porcupines may chew a bite but then don't like it and usually wander elsewhere.  We've witnessed tracks to that effect in the snow many times.  

And dogs have died from porcupine quills that got into their skin and went undetected until too late...until one found its way into the dog's heart.  It is so painful to your dog and expensive to you when they are quilled by porcupines.  Most dogs will continue to challenge future porcupines – apparently thinking they’re going to win.  Not good.  By having the constant presence of this repellent there on the trees or house, porcupines often get the message to go elsewhere for their foraging.

Mole & Vole Repellent Application

Spring to Fall Service
When the snow begins to melt in the Spring, little tunnels start cropping up along the edge of the melt line and the critters in them start decimating lawns and flower beds.  Our logical approach with these monthly treatments will send them away from your property. 

We prefer to start ASAP in the Spring (usually sometime in April or May) and continue through October or November depending on when snow accumulation covers the ground too much for it to still be effective. 

The last application before winter is extremely effective in deterring them from your property to help guard against them taking up residence and chewing away at the roots of your yard during all winter.

April 2020 Customer response about this Vole Repellent service:

"We noticed a big difference last year!"  

Woodpecker Repellent Application

Spring to Fall Service
Did you know that it is a federal offense to kill woodpeckers?! 


But they can nest and peck on the siding of your home or trees and destroy them.  Is there anything that can be done about woodpeckers given the regulations about them?  

Yes there is.

Our knowledge of what can be done and when it can be legally  done regarding woodpeckers will save you a whole lot of trouble in a variety of ways. 

Our monthly repellent spray will effectively shoo them away once the time is right to put it down. 

It’s best to start this application BEFORE THEY MIGRATE BACK HERE IN THE SPRING! 


Some situations require monthly Trapping services on either an on-going or a temporary basis. 

We will discuss with you whether or not Trapping is needed.  

Multi-Application Discount

Some applications may qualify for a discount when combined with one or more of our other monthly services. 

We’ll explain how that works depending on the combination needed to help protect your property from invading critters.

Service Setup

After seeing your property we'll send you a Monthly Service Contract by email.

It will tell you various details about this service and the rate based on your specific situation.

After you sign and date it and return it to us we will put you on either our Mid Month or Month End Schedule, depending on where your property is located.

Convenient Monthly Payment Options

The Monthly Service Contract has a section on the lower portion of it to advise us of your Preferred Payment Method.

We will send you an invoice each month as an attachment to an email.

You can send a Check by mail every month or for several months in advance which will be credited to your account each month.

Credit Card or Debit Card Charge Option

For your convenience, we offer the option for you to authorize us to automatically charge the monthly amount to your Credit Card or Debit Card.

If you would like to  pay by  Credit Card or Debit Card, it is IMPORTANT that you please indicate that choice on your Monthly Service Contract.

Then please give us a phone call (for better security than all of it in an email).

Here's the information we'll need:

    Credit Card or Debit Card Number

    Expiration Date

    3 Digit Security Code on the back

    Name as it reads on the card

    Address with which the card is associated 

Pre-payment by either Check, Credit Card or Debit Card authorization will result in a PAID stamp on the invoice you will receive by email each month.

Background Photo taken by Fae Davidson 

The Castles  rock formation in the West Elk Wilderness off Ohio Creek Road in Winter

For a full view of this photo – see the Sale of DWS Assets page.