Professional Services

Each call for service is a different scenario so the cost must be handled on a case by case basis.  Usually we must see the situation first but, if possible, we can give you some idea of the cost before a Site Inspection.  Professional expertise and experience, several types of insurance, time, equipment, equipment repair, supplies, business licenses, employee and transportation costs are just a few of the many items figured into our fees. 

Site Inspections

Site Inspection rates vary depending on the nature of the situation, the extent of the inspection needed, job location and other variables.

Site Inspections include all of the following as appropriate:

    ♦Travel to & time at the property
    ♦Viewing of all possible animal access points – interior & exterior
    ♦Viewing or entering of all possible crawl spaces, basements, attics, other areas of suspected animal activity
    ♦Our knowledge of where to look for access points – including beyond the obvious places
    ♦Our knowledge & stocking of special products to repel and exclude problem animals
    ♦Our knowledge & stocking of products to capture & eliminate problem animals and the odors and evidence they leave behind.
    ♦Estimate/Contract preparation time
    ♦Consultation time before & after Estimate & during job as needed – including inviting, listening to & responding to customer or property manager input

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Humane treatment of animals is always of utmost concern to us.  We use a variety of tools to capture, deter, dispatch and relocate nuisance animals appropriately – including:

Badger                     Fox                  Pine Marten 

Bat                            Gopher           Porcupine

Beaver                     Marmot          Prairie Dog

Bobcat                     Mole               Raccoon

Chipmunk               Mouse            Skunk

Coyote                    Muskrat          Squirrel

Feral Cat                 Packrat            Vole

Birds – owls, hawks, crows, swallows,            woodpeckers

Your Problem Critterjust ask if not listed here

Repellent & Deterrent Application

We use several non-chemical products that are safe for humans, wildlife and ground water but will help to protect your family, guests, home, trees, garden and pets from various destructive animals.  Individual Treatments and Monthly Service Contracts are available and have become extremely popular all over the Gunnison Valley which repel:

     ♦ porcupines from trees & home area

     ♦ mice from homes & other structures

     ♦ voles & moles from yards & gardens

     ♦ woodpeckers from houses & trees

Please go to our Monthly Service Contracts page to see a more detailed description of these services or just click on this link:



Damage Repair & Exclusion

We offer repair of damage caused by nuisance animals to deter their future habitation of your property.  This includes sealing any place were animals have obtained access to the interior.

If any structural work must be done to get to the source of a problem, we'll let you know if that work is within the scope of our services and refer someone to do the work if any part of it is beyond our expertise.  Because of being in the area since 1991, we know it well and usually have a good idea of who to refer to best meet the needs of your situation if we cannot.

Odor Management & Disinfectants

We offer services to minimize the odor animals create – either alive or dead.  We discourage the use of rodent poison to diminish the chances of animals dying inside walls and other difficult areas  and to guard against poisoning of children, pets or area wildlife.  Therefore,  wedo not use poisons for any service we provide either.

Many animals leave behind  unpleasant odors.  The most common odors in our area are from the excrement of bats, mice and packrats.  We have discriminating noses so can often determine which critter is causing the odor right away.

A dead animal of any kind is going to cause an unpleasant odor.  We have found those in an amazing array of places in walls and elsewhere over the years.

As we all know, skunks are a definite odor problem.  We have special traps to deal with them which diminishes the likelihood of spray after capture.

We are knowledgeable about the various diseases that can be caused by animals and their excrement and will share that with you as needed.

We offer odor control & disinfectant solutions to apply when needed. 

Cleaning of the excrement is another service we either provide or can refer someone to take care of it, depending on the situation.

Live Trapping & Relocation

Care must be given as to whether animals can survive where and when relocated. 

For example, relocating a beaver at certain times of the year would be a cruel and in-humane death sentence to them and we will not do that.

 We also try not to release an animal where it might become a nuisance to someone else. 

We also know the distance each animal must be taken so that it will not return to your property.  It would be highly unethical for us to not take an animal far enough away and then have it return to your property where it must be trapped again.

Fence Building & Repair

We build new and repair existing agricultural fences – a service especially needed after our winter snow plus elk and deer movement results in such serious damage to them. 

Thankfully this is still big cattle ranching country so several area Homeowners Associations hire us to maintain the fences around their HOAs in an effort to keep cows out of the subdivisions.  This helps to minimize livestock damage to home landscaping and otherwise help out with the issues related to livestock and homeowner coexistence which is one of the truly unique and valuable aspects of our area.

A Word About Highway Cattle Drives

Personally, we enjoy encountering a cattle drive on the highway because we appreciate the value that cattle ranching adds to our area economy and Old West lifestyle.  We've been in the area so long that we know most of the ranchers.  Several of them are glad to see us because they know we will take it slow and sometimes even help gently guide an errant bovine with how we maneuver our vehicle when we are in the middle of a drive.  We encourage all to slow down, be patient, EASE STRAIGHT ON THROUGH (the cows will move over), resist the temptation to weave back and forth, avoid using your horn, sit back and enjoy the drive because that's the kinda thing you don't see in the cities and it's part of the fabric of this beautiful place.


Please see our BAT subpage under this Professional Services section of this website for a lot of information about bats and our bat services.

Fees for Our Services

Each call for service is a different scenario so the cost must be handled on a case by case basis.  Usually we must see the situation first and will quote a Site Inspection Fee to you.  Whenever possible, we will give you some idea of the cost before your Site Inspection.  Professional expertise and experience plus the cost of several types of insurance, time, equipment, equipment repair, supplies, business licences, employees and transportation are just a few of the many items figured into our fees.

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View of Meridian Lake subdivision off  Washington Gulch Road

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