“We like the way you do business!”
– B.B. of Mt. Crested Butte

"Ever since you started [your monthly service]

I haven’t seen any porcupines around!"

– H.M. & R.S. of Meridian Lake area

"You're the nicest people on the planet!"

– J.A. of Mt. Crested Butte

       April 2020 Customer response about our Vole Repellent services:                    "We noticed a big difference last year!"

                                                        – D.S. of Skyland

            "Thank you for taking such wonderful care

            of our beautiful trees!" [porcupine repellent customer]

                                    – B.W. of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“Thank you so much for your sincere Davidson ways to: assess the situation of the fence; explain the diagnosis to me in terms that I, a non-contractor, could understand; provide a very timely and professional estimate and contract; be gently respectful of our property as you repaired/renovated the fence; deliver a quality solution; and exchange delightful conversation that we all enjoyed.”

– B.P. of Wilderness Streams (off Ohio Creek Road)

"Thank You very much for ALL your help in keeping our property beautiful!!  We appreciate all of Trapper's efforts and yours too, Fae."

–  R.C. & M.C. of Mt. Crested Butte

"We sure do appreciate you!"

– Lots of Customers