Davidson Wildlife Services LLC

is no longer for sale


God has extraordinarily blessed us through the success of Davidson Wildlife Services.  

At the same time, He has given us multiple opportunities to bless our customers.

These 28 (and counting) years have been quite a ride!

Because of its success and what many of our customers tell us they consider as our essential services,

we thought that selling DWS was the logical next step.

So we put it on the market.

But on September 1 we took Davidson Wildlife Services OFF THE MARKET!

It sure feels good to be done with all of the particulars of the effort to sell the business and

go back to focusing on doing what we do best...taking care of the critter concerns of our customers.

We plan to continue to operate Davidson Wildlife Services right here in the Gunnison Valley on an

on-going basis INDEFINITELY.  

Trapper & Fae Davidson