When Nuisance Animals Must Be Dealt With

Please see the interesting photos below

Animals are often a pleasure to have around.  We love to watch their antics and interact with them.  They can be a great source of comfort and affection.  But sometimes the damage wildlife can cause while simply being true to their natures can be devastating to humans and even to other animals.  

Many folks are not familiar with the need for Wildlife Management, especially in urban areas.  However, the rural agricultural community is aware of the need for this service because they cannot afford the losses caused by predators that prey on their livestock and animals which cause damage to their crops – that is, the food we eat.  Not only are such losses inhumane to livestock but they can also translate into lack of supply and higher grocery prices for all of us.

Urban citizens and residential area folks are seeing the need for Wildlife Management more all the time.  Coyotes are on the fringes boldly nabbing dogs and cats out of people's backyards.  Beaver frequently gnaw down rather expensive tree landscaping.  Foxes dig into graves at cemeteries.  Skunks, raccoons and bats (all major carriers of rabies) often wreak much havoc and odor in the best of neighborhoods including INSIDE our resort second homes.  Porcupines chew on pine trees which will eventually kill them.  Porcupines can also quill our dogs and cats and even small children who do not know to stay away from them.  A marmot, pine marten, squirrel or ermine inside a home can do a considerable and expensive amount of damage in a short period of time.  Moles and voles can quickly destroy a lawn or flower bed.

We have methods to deal with all of these critters and more and are skilled at doing it in the most humane ways possible– which includes the fact that we DO NOT USE POISONS to provide any of our Wildlife Management services.

We The People are ever increasing our encroachment into wildlife habitat.  We have to accept that we have already changed the balance of nature and that it is now our responsibility to take care regarding the imbalances we have created.  When animal populations exceed the carrying capacity of their remaining land, nature will attempt to correct the problem even if we do not.  Disease and starvation are the result – causing these animals needless misery and the pointless waste of them.  This is not responsible management.  When harvesting them can provide for some good to come from the dispatching of these animals through the use of their pelts and other products they offer, common sense dictates that we utilize them with appreciation that they have been provided to us.

All of the photos below are from our actual jobs and experiences and were taken by either Trapper or Fae Davidson

Porcupine Damage to a Pine Tree

This is what it looks like when a porcupine chews a pine tree.  After all, they are called porcuPINEs. And they are active all year long - even in the winter.  They can girdle a tree (eat the bark all the way around it) in only one night and then the tree is going to die in 2-3 years or sometimes less.  See our Monthly Service Contracts page for information on the services we offer to help protect your trees.

Pine Marten Damage — shredded blinds

This photo was taken from interior of the house after a crazed pine marten was running loose.

It was desperate to get out.

Packrat Damage — chewed water line

This one was in the ceiling of a bedroom that was flooded due to the hole in the line.

More photos of other critters and their damage coming soon.