Extraordinary Eretz Y'israel

As supporters of Eretz Y'israel ("The Land of Israel" in Hebrew)we are avid and enthusiastic lovers of The Land HaShem gave by IRREVOCABLE covenant to Israel.

That's because we are avid and enthusiastic lovers of HaShem (God), Yeshua HaMashiach (His Son) and their Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit).

So we have dedicated this page of our Davidson Wildlife Services website for the purpose of that support.

The following articles by Fae Davidson were originally written in 3 parts when submitted to the newspaper in order to meet the paper's word maximum requirements.

However, the newspaper's Editor made the choice to combine them into 2 parts.

Otherwise, he published them verbatim – exactly as she wrote them – in the Crested Butte News in Crested Butte, Colorado.

We thank the Editor of Crested Butte News, Mark Reaman, for receiving and publishing them so faithfully and enthusiastically.

Although the following were printed at the end of 2023,

the message of them is even more appropriate during this time of the abhorrent displays of Antisemitism in our country.

These were written to give our personal testimony of what we experienced in Israel – something these brainwashed protestors know nothing of as far as we can tell.

We know fully what we are standing for.  They have apparently been horribly deceived.

Trapper (Al) and Fae Davidson – May 8, 2024

Extraordinary Eretz Y'israel – Part 1

(published December 22, 2023)

      There are a lot of amazing places but Israel is extraordinary.

        Most of the Biblical stories happened there.  Archaeological finds continuously substantiate those stories and the people featured in them – a big reason why Israel is so extraordinary.

        In May 1998 God gave me an outright and sudden command in my spirit to study Israel, Judaism, the Jewish roots of the Church and the modern and Biblical history of all of that.  I looked up at the sky and queried, “How do I do that???”  True to God’s symbolic ways, it was the actual Jubilee 50th Anniversary month of the birth of the State of Israel.  Even after 25 years of learning, the magnitude of it is still endless and enthralling.


        God spilled that same desire onto my husband, Trapper (aka Al).  We both developed a desire to travel to Israel and then God miraculously provided the funds.  Because of that we knew this spiritual quest was not meant to be only about us but was to forevermore be something we were to share and encourage others to embrace as a way to glorify God and draw us closer to Him.  It has definitely become the spiritual bond of our marriage which was cemented while exploring Israel.  God’s prompting to share has fostered this article.


        We explored Eretz Y’israel (The Land of Israel) extensively driving a rental car for a month.  We stayed in private homes, volunteered at various ministries, visited friends of friends who became our friends and made new friends all over the country.  Our shredded map speaks volumes of the intensity of the adventure.  When asked if I ever felt overwhelmed while standing on that Land, my enthusiastic answer was, “There wasn’t a waking moment when I didn’t feel overwhelmed by standing on that Land!”


        So now we’re blessed with extraordinary friends who live all over that extraordinary Land.  We were horrified when watching the news of the Hamas atrocities on October 7 – especially when so much of the reporting came from the streets of a little town dear to our hearts – S’derot – located only one mile from Gaza Strip.


        In 2011 we helped out at a ministry there providing care boxes for families impacted by the Hamas missiles from Gaza at that time.  We ourselves had 15 seconds to run into a Safe Room when we heard “Tseva Edom” (“Code Red”) on the S’derot loudspeakers all over town.  On a playground we walked among the concrete and rebar structures shaped and painted pretty colors to look like cute animals but were really bomb shelters that the children knew to run into when they heard “Tseva Edom”. 


        We wonder if any of the children we saw on that playground then are now in the Israel Defense Force (IDF).  Did their own children run into those playground animal bomb shelters only to be murdered or taken hostage?  Was anyone we met in the Jewish synagogue at their Shabbat service murdered and dragged through the streets of S’derot?  Was the family that invited us into their home that day for lunch murdered?  Are their sons we met there now fighting as IDF Reserves?  Was the woman whose house we stayed in murdered?  Her Guest Room where we slept was the Safe Room in her home.  Everybody has one.  We saw them in every home we stayed in all over The Land.  Many of those Safe Rooms in S’derot were invaded by Hamas on October 7.

        What a contradiction in terms:  playground animal bomb shelters


        So, in a miniscule way we’ve personally experienced what the people of Israel have been living with for years – from Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north.  Israel’s offers of peace go unheeded when the terrorists believe that the only solution is the extermination of the Jewish People.  Propaganda keeps spewing out but seeing the truth with our own eyes dispels what some are trying to brainwash people into thinking.  Yes, the Palestinians need freedom – from Hamas.  Genocide is what Hamas and Hezbollah are engaged in.  We can all be grateful that Israel has embraced the mantel forced on them to deal with such maniacal evil.


        We celebrate the Biblical Feasts.  This year Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles) ended on October 7 and was also Simchat Torah – a day of celebration of the joy of God’s gift of His Word to mankind.  That’s the day Hamas attacked.  The next day, October 8, we were packing up the decorations of our sukkah – a temporary shelter in which Sukkot is celebrated.  When my husband, Trapper, took down the blue and white Israeli flag from the wall of our sukkah and handed it to me, the reality of what had happened in The Land hit me full force.  I busted into tears and the friend on the phone who had attended our Sukkot celebration in that sukkah a few nights earlier joined me in the anguish.


        Friends who live 15 minutes north of Jerusalem have seven children.  Two of their sons and a son-in-law were actively pulled into this disaster on October 7 – two of them in the Reserves called up immediately have been fighting in Gaza ever since.  We get frequent email updates from their family and, thankfully, so far they are alive and not injured.  But many of their family friends have been and word of the death of one of them came in during the writing of this article.


        In Jerusalem on October 18, 2011 we were walking beside a wall on the East side of the Old City.  Suddenly celebrations erupted to our left.  It was explained to us that one young IDF solider named Gilad Shalit who had been held hostage by Hamas for five years had just been traded for 1,027 Hamas prisoners and a lot of them were from the Arab village to our left.  We pondered that as we watched cars filled with people waving Palestinian flags run up and down the road below and heard loud popping noises.  Some thought that was gunfire.  Trapper assured all that it was only fireworks because he knew the difference of the sounds.  We speculated at the time that those released would become Hamas terrorists again.  Sure enough, we have learned that the leader of Hamas now, Yahya Sinwar, is considered by some to be a psychopath, is hated by many of the citizens now fleeing from Gaza for ruining their lives and absolutely was one of the 1,027 prisoners released in 2011.              


        This is real to us.  This is personal.  We hope you can get a sense of that and feel personal about it too. 

Caption as in the newspaper:

The camel is actually a bomb shelter

Photo by Fae Davidson in S'derot on November 13, 2011

(was printed in the December 22, 2023 newspaper along with Part 1 or these articles)

Extraordinary Eretz Y'israel – Part 2

(published December 29, 2023)

        My husband, Trapper, and I encourage you to embrace Eretz Y’israel as the extraordinary place it is – The Land God gave to Abraham and His descendants, the sons of Israel, while telling them that he would bless those who blessed him and his descendants (Genesis 12:3).  There’s something about curses there too but you’ll need to read that for yourself.  And, if you believe in God’s Son, Yeshua (His Hebrew name), you are grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel as a spiritual descendant of Abraham (Romans 11).  Did you know that?


        We are so grateful to the Jewish People that Yeshua came to be with us as a Jewish child, man and Savior.  We are grateful for what the Jewish People have done to preserve God’s Word for all of us and much more.  We are grateful that His extraordinary Land contains so many places and history that we encourage all to cherish.  It is not just any old piece of real estate in this world.


        The Jewish people have persevered throughout history regardless of the persistence of evil mankind.  To our Jewish friends in the area we extend our sincere concern and prayers and feel a magnetic spiritual connection with The Land of the Jewish State – Eretz Y’israel.  We’ve been told by a Jewish rabbi that our last name of Davidson is “about as Jewish as it gets!”  You bet it is – we think of it as Son of David.


        Antisemitism is a ploy of the enemy of our souls. 


        Visits to a concentration camp in Germany (Dachau), Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Museum) in Jerusalem and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC (all of which one or both of us have been to) will overwhelmingly convince you of the existence of Antisemitism in addition to the volumes written and filmed about it.  Denial of it is a lie.  Did you know that even some simple phrases that are unwittingly said can be Antisemitic?


        Some espouse that the Church has replaced the Jewish People as the Chosen People.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  God set apart the Jewish People to be holy forever and to reflect what it is like to walk steadfastly with Him.  This calling sets the bar rather high and is difficult to live up to.  Some Antisemites say that the Jewish People have not maintained their calling so God rescinded it.  Another lie.  Not one of us is perfect.  Everyone who professes faith in God and even adds His Son, Yeshua, to that belief becomes part of His Chosen People and has faltered.  Every single one of us.  When we ask God He will forgive us and help us do life better with Him.  And it gets even better when we heed the Holy Spirit’s leading and make Yeshua Lord of our lives.

         The Jewish people should never have been asked to renounce their Judaism as history has documented.  There is a Messianic Jewish movement that is growing significantly worldwide – especially in Israel and America – which brings together belief in Yeshua as the Messiah who was here 2000 years ago but also observes Jewish practices.  One author who explains this was bemoaning the rejection of his family over his new-found faith in Yeshua because they said he had turned his back on his people.  His mourning turned to joy when he realized, “These are my people!" speaking of Yeshua and His original followers as – Jewish!


        That’s where we are with our personal merger of both lines of observance in walking with God – who we now call HaShem (The Name).  It is an extraordinary place to be and brings together the meaning of the entire Bible in ways that cannot make sense separately – especially when walking on His extraordinary Land – Eretz Y’israel.  We encourage all to go there and be overwhelmed in it yourselves.


Trapper (Al) and Fae Davidson met and married in Crested Butte and have had a business together in the area for about 30 years.  They teach others about the Jewish roots of the Church and the history of Israel.  Their ministry, Shofar Fellowship, has recently raised funds and sent them to Israel to purchase several Bulletproof Vests to save the lives of IDF Reserve soldiers who did not have them.  If you would like to participate in purchasing more vests or have other questions, please contact them at ShofarFellowship@msn.com and put on the subject line “IDF Bulletproof Vests” so they will know it’s not Junk Mail.

Bulletproof Vests for IDF Reserve Soldiers

We are considering launching another appeal for funds for these Bulletproof Vests for Israel Defense Force Reservists like we did in November & December.

If you are interested in this effort before we launch it, please contact us and we can give you the details.


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